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CITS Group

CITS GROUP CORPORATION is a key state-owned large corporation integrated with travel service, sales of duty-free products, development and management of real estates in tourism resorts, communications and transport, electronic commerce, and other general services. With registered capital of RMB 390 million, CITS is one of the largest and most powerful tourism enterprises in China.

CITS GROUP CORPORATION owns three major subsidiaries: CITS Head Office, China Duty Free Group Corporation, and CITS Real Estates & Property Management Company (to be established soon).



CITS Head Office
Established in 1954 and with 57-year of development, CITS Head Office has become a large travel service corporation known at home and abroad. CITS has established steady business cooperative relationship with over 1,400 travel agents in more than 100 countries around the world, with 14 offshore subsidiaries in such countries and regions as America (New York and Los Angeles), Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka), Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt), Sweden, Demark, Hong Kong, and Macao. Besides, it possesses over 150 sole-invested, shareholding companies, and chain enterprises, which have formed a steady international sales network and complete reception network.


China Duty Free Group Corporation
Since its establishment in 1984, China Duty Free Group Corporation has successively set up 159 duty-free enterprises (shops) covering the channel of airport, In-flight, boundary port, etc., with the sales network covering over 90 port cities and boundary areas in 28 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities. The main products for operation include high-class imported commodities and domestic masterpieces, with more than 20 categories and over one thousand varieties. The Company's annual sales volume accounts for about 63% of the country's port duty-free industry, ranking the sixth in Asia.



CITS Real Estates and Property Management
While operating and managing CITS Wangfu Plaza, Changan Plaza, Grand Orient Plaza, Gold Land Plaza and other properties, CITS Real Estates and Property Management will develop projects with characteristics of tourism, and try the time-sharing resort projects, thus to create a unique CITS real estate brand.
CITS Group Goes On A-Share Market
In 2009, CITS officially launched its A-share IPO at Shanghai Stock Exchange. This marks a great success for CITS to land on the market, a new milestone in the history of CITS development.

As a “national team” among tourism enterprises in China, CITS is highly approved by the market. In its offering, it has raised a fund of 2.5916 billion RMB which will be invested in travel industry and duty-free business. Enforcement of the IPO raised-fund projects will help realize CITS development strategy and continue to maintain a dominant position in the industry.

CITS will consciously maintain the dual honor of being a state-owned enterprise and listed company and continue to advance toward the strategic goal of a comprehensive travel company possessing international competitiveness.