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A Word from CEO

Time flies, China International Travel Service Limited, Head Office grows together with New China, going through 60 years of brilliant history. In the six decades, CITS people created and built a successful and well-respected enterprise with their full commitment and team spirit. Today’s CITS reflects generations of CITS people’s hard work and continuous innovation, and embodies their glory and dreams. As the first female president of CITS, with my whole career dedicated to the company, I am proud to be part of CITS while feeling the burden of huge responsibilities.


Under the solicitude of the communist party and the government, under the leadership of CITS Group and the Group Cooperation, with the support of the society and its partners, CITS fully displayed its role of industry leader in China’s tourism throughout the 60 years. Our growth has been closely tied to China’s stability, prosperity, reform and development. We made great contribution to China’s reform and opening up, cultivation of tourism talents, and the development of local travel markets. In the new era, CITS will continue to embrace new business ideas, develop operation models, improve management, and promote and push the transformation of travel products, to continue to maintain its healthy, steady, and fast development.


Now China’s tourism has ushered in a golden development era. The implementation of ‘Tourism Law of the People’s Republic of China’ and the publication of ‘Suggestion of the State Council on Promoting the Reform and Development of the Tourism Industry’ have given a shot in the arm of China’s tourism, prompting the industry to standardize operation and pursue faster development. At the same time, with the acceleration of tourism transformation and the blossom of Travel on-line business, competition in the market has become increasingly intensive. In front of the serious economic situation and fierce market competition, facing new opportunities and challenges, CITS must endeavor to achieve a great-leap-forward development by deepening its reform, and by speeding up transformation and upgrade. Only by doing so can we accomplish our mission of developing CITS into a century-old company, and building CITS name into a more powerful golden brand. This is every CITS people’s mission.


With 60 years of brilliant history, we aim to achieve greater successes. In the future, CITS will continue to cherish its corporate culture, display its enterprise spirit, and contribute to the society and the country. We will unite and motivate each employee to work hard, and keep pushing the scientific development of CITS. Our ultimate goal is to develop CITS into an open travel platform operator that is Number One in China and top-class in the world, with core resources in our hands. We will work toward the goal unwaveringly, and are determined to make greater contribution to China’s ambition of becoming a country of strong tourism in the world.