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Beisi Pagoda

Why is Beisi Pagoda special?

Beisi Pagoda, also known as more official name “North Temple Pagoda”, is a Chinese pagoda located at Bao’en Temple. Standing far apart facing the Tiger Hill, it is a historical site with a history of more than 1,700 years, and a famed old pagoda and symbol of Suzhou.

Beisi Pagoda Highlight

As a provincial preservation unit of historical and cultural relics, the Beisi Pagoda is popularly praised as the “Number One Pagoda in South of the Yangtse River” .

The North Temple Pagoda is a brick and wooden Buddhist pagoda of the style of building and has nine stories with eight sides each. With the height of 76 meters, it is the highest of the pagodas in Suzhou.

The pagoda is famous for double eaves and flying corners and is a building in the same type as the Liuhe Pagoda in Hangzhou. The base of the pagoda covers 1.3 mu (about 0.0667 hectares), whose eaves are extraordinarily long. Its body consists of the outer corridors, the inner corridors and the square rooms in the center.

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