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Suzhou Travel Overview

Just as an old Chinese saying goes, “Heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below”, Suzhou is a famed city renowned for its fabulous landscape, elegant gardens and various stone bridges as well as its eminent historical and cultural value in Chinese history.


Located in the lower reach of the Yangtze River sets the province of Jiangsu. Suzhou enjoys an important reputation in Chinese culture, economy, education and transportation as well as tourism for which it has been occasionally nicknamed the “Venice of the East”.


Suzhou, the cradle of Wu Culture, is one of the oldest towns in the Yangtze Basin. Its history can date back to the late Shang Dynasty. Historical stories about Suzhou can find traces through the whole Chinese history from the spring and autumn Period to Qing Dynasty.


The last but not the least, this beautiful city is an outstanding tourist city, renowned for its beautiful stone bridges, delegate pagodas, clear lakes, and meticulously designed gardens.


Marco Polo has ever said, “Suzhou is a very great and noble city… it has 1600 stone bridges under which a galley may pass.” Celebrated sites in Suzhou include: Suzhou Gardens, Zhouzhuang, Tongli Town, Hanshan Temple, Tiger Hill, Grand Canal and so on.

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