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Suzhou Shopping Tips

Suzhou boasts a wide range of exquisite local products. A fan, a piece of embroidery or a box of local snacks could be an excellent souvenir of your journey and a great gift for family and friends.


Su Embroidery Museum

Su Embroidery: one of the four major styles of Chinese Embroidery. Vivid depictions of animals, people, landscapes and flowers are popular themes of Su embroidery.

Address: No.262, Jingde Road


Suzhou Silk Museum

Song Brocade:a kind of precious silk product of Suzhou. Song Brocade produced in Suzhou is considered among the best in China. Song Brocade is made in a variety of styles and looks elegant and colorful.

Address: No.2001 Renmin Road


Marketplace of Sandalwood Fan

Suzhou Fan: another fine handcrafts art in Suzhou. The traditional fans are made of sandalwood or mandarin silk, while young people love more round fans made of paper.

Address: No.58, Northwest Street, Suzhou


Suzhou Jade Carving Department Store

Suzhou jade carvings: well-known for the exquisite workmanship. There are two types: plain or three dimensional. The designs are based on the different shapes of materials and fine carvings are done with appropriate techniques.

Address: No.33, North Pagoda Road (west), Suzhou

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