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5G Network has fully covered Longmen Grottoes in central China

Date: 2019.08.20 Author: Charles Wang

According to the administrative committee of Longmen Grottoes’ announcement, the grottoes, which is located in central China’s Henan Province, has been fully covered by signal of 5G Network. Therefore, it became the first 5A scenic spot with 5G Network covering all area in Henan Province.


Back on July 24, the committee of Longmen Grottoes reached an agreement with China Mobile’s branch in Luoyang in order to popularize 5G Network at the scenic area. Within 22 days, 17 bases of 5G Network were built around the region of the grottoes. On August 16, the 5G Network was officially available at everywhere in the area. Based on the speed test on this first day, the peak of Internet speed can reach over 145MB/s.


The grottoes receive up to 75,000 visitors each day. The 5G Network coverage is expected to provide a better internet experience for tourists by offering high-speed Internet service and solving the jam of calls and Internet.


Longmen Grottoes has more than 2,300 grottoes with 110,000 Buddhist figures and images, over 80 dagobas and 2,800 inscribed tablets, created between the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-557) and Song Dynasty (960-1279).