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Chongqing and Zhangjiajie are linked by bullet train

Date: 2021.07.27 Author: Celia Tang

On July 25, the “Hulk” D811 Fuxing train left Chongqing North Railway Station, marking the official start of the Fuxing train from Chongqing to Zhangjiajie.


From July 25, three pairs of Fuxing bullet trains will be launched between Chongqing and Zhangjiajie. The new trains for Chongqing-Huaihua Railway will be operated by the CR200J model, known as the “Hulk”.


The travel time between Chongqing and Zhangjiajie has been reduced to within 5 hours. The fastest train is only 4.5 hours, which passes through Wulong, Pengshui, Qianjiang, Xianfeng, Longshan North and Sangzhi along the way.