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The 40th International Kite Festival opened in Weifang

Date: 2023.04.17 Author: Judy Yang

On 15th April, the 40th Weifang International Kite Festival started in Weifang, Shandong province, attracting kite fancier from home and abroad.

Over 600 kite lovers from 60 countries and regions took part in the competition and show, competing their flying-kite skills, showcasing the imaginative diversity of kites in terms of shapes and sizes.

It is generally held every year on the third Saturday of April in Weifang.

This year, Weifang will also hold a slew of kite themed exhibitions and events from mid-April to mid-May, encompassing oil painting exhibitions, cultural and creative exhibitions, concerts, marathons, etc.

The kite, as a symbol of Weifang, has publicized Chinese culture to the world, promoting the cultural exchange in this spectacular festival.